Fluoropolymer Tubing
Fluoropolymers exhibit excellent thermal stability (both for high and extremely low temperatures), have excellent electrical insulation properties (especially for high frequencies), have the lowest coefficient of friction of all solids, possess a unique self-lubricating ability , exhibit excellent chemical resistance to practically all chemicals, are not degraded under ultra violet light, are accepted by the human tissue, and show non-stick property.

Tubing is available in fluoropolymer resins such as PTFE , FEP , PFA , ETFE , E-CTFE and PVDF.Tubing is manufactured to order in Sweden & Thailand.

    • PTFE Tubing
    • FEP Tubing
    • PFA Tubing
    • ETFE Tubing
    • E-CTFE Tubing
    • PVDF Tubing

The demand for fluoropolymer tubing in fluid applications continues to increase as requirements become more specific. This range of chemically resistant extrusions withstands corrosive fluids like acids, hydrocarbon fuels and strong mineral acids.

High purity resins are used to extrude tubing with the lowest levels of extractables and the smoothest surface finish for use in semiconductor and pharmaceutical applications.

FEP tubing for environmental applications and PEEK tubing for analytical applications are a few of the specialty markets served while PVDF, PFA and PTFE tubing support applications ranging from laboratory , plumbing, food processing and adhesive transfer systems to fuel , paint and hydraulic lines.

Increased barrier properties result in tubing with the lowest water vapour transmission rates of any plastic material. As new applications develop, the need for our exceptional polymer product line increases significantly.

FibackTM Fibreglass Weld Backing Tape

How it Works    
Step 1: Peel away backing tape covers from both sides. Gently coil the adhesive tape edges back and push the woven fibreglass strip outwards.
Step 2: Centre and apply the woven fibreglass strip firmly to the backside of the root gap.
Step 3: Beginning from the centre and slowly moving outward, apply the adhesive aluminium tape to the area surrounding the root gap, providing a smooth, air-free seal.

FibackTM Tape consists of two outer adhesive strips separated by a woven fibreglass centre strip. The adhesive edges stick to the area surrounding the root gap with the woven fibreglass strip being positioned to the backside of the root gap.


    FibackTM Types and Sizes


    Item No.


    Fiberglass Centre Strip Width


    FibackTM Weld Backing Tape


    2.5" (64 mm)

    1" (26 mm)

    41' (12.5 m)

    FibackTM Weld Backing Tape


    4.0" (102 mm)

    1" (26 mm)

    41' (12.5 m)

    Heat Resistance






    Aluminium Tape



    Fiberglass Strip



    For Applications up to 300 Amps

    FibackTM Benefits

      • Reduces setup time
      • Eliminates / minimizes need for back purging
      • Reduces post-weld grinding
      • Cuts down on post-weld clean up
      • Increases weld productivity, reduces costs
      • Heat Resistant


Fibreglass Weld Backing Tape
Eliminate/Reduce the need for Back Purging

Fiback™ Weld Backing Tape is a heat resistant aluminium tape with a woven fibreglass centre strip, designed to eliminate or reduce the need for purging and create a weld pool enclosure.